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To generate links using Linking You we now require you to sign in using your university username and password. But don't worry - all minified URLs can still be accessed by anyone, without signing in.

Please sign in to view old links, generate new links, and obtain API access.


What is "Linking You"?

Linking You is a free URL minifying service developed by The University of Lincoln. Use it to generate minfied URLs for your dissertation, for putting on documentation or just for sharing links on social media websites.

Linking You makes large URL's into small, easy to use URL's. So instead of long URL's, such as:

you can instead use short and snappy URL, like:

Shorter addresses are easier and quicker to type,read, and remember.

Why do we have to sign in to generate links?

Previously, Linking You was available for anyone to use, but due to misuse, we have decided to provide this service to our students and staff at the university only.

Can I see every link I have ever generated?

Yes you can! Just sign in, and if you have any, we will show them to you.

Are these links safe?

Linking You checks all URLs against Google's Safe Browsing service to make sure they are safe. If Google states the URL is unsafe, we will not direct anyone to the original web address. We will also not generate a minified URL for an unsafe URL.

How does it work?

We just make sure the URL is safe, minify, and save it. When someone clicks the minified link, we find the original URL and send the user on their way.

How reliable are these links?

These links will be around for the foreseeable future.

How can I request a feature?

Just email and we will see what we can do!